Monday, January 26, 2015

What I'm Learning About in 2015

Since the beginning of the month, I have probably read about 100 New Years resolution posts (OK, maybe 100 is a slight exaggeration). And while I did set some goals for myself, I thought I would be a little different and post some things that I am planning on learning more about this year.

1. Ayurveda 

I'm really interested in alternative medicine and lifestyles. I'm a skeptic sometimes when it comes to "traditional" Western medicine, so the idea of non-traditional methods of healing seems intriguing. I don't know much about it, only what I have seen around the internet. I would love to get some books and really dive into this. 

2. Chakras

This sort of goes along with my desire to explore Eastern medicine and healing. I'm a huge believer in spiritual energy and achieving balance within the body so I am interested in learning more about tapping into that. My sister is currently reading a "chakra bible" that I am looking forward to stealing from her to read!

3. Essential Oils

I feel like I am seeing essential oils everywhere and that everyone is talking about them right now. I have read so much about them but I would love to get a book to learn about each individual oil and it's uses. I also would love to find a good starter set to test them out to see how they would fit into my everyday life. I have lavender already and love using it before bed to help me sleep, so I am curious to see how I could incorporate other oils.

4. Weaving

A craft that I am suddenly seeing everywhere and I would love to try my hand at it. I am torn between making my own loom out of cardboard as I've seen or buying a wooden loom. Either way I would love to take this hobby up this year. I'm thinking of making a pillow cover as my first project but I am working on so many other things right now that I need to finish before I take this on!

5. Spinning
No, I'm not talking about the fitness class! I have this habit of starting a new craft and then wanting to learn how to make the supplies that I use as a means to immerse myself even more into the project. I've been wanting to learn how to spin yarn and thread since I started crocheting and loom knitting a couple years ago. I have decided this is the year that I will learn how to do it, even if it is just so I can say that I know how! 

6. Nutrition

This is a super broad topic that I already know a bit about, but I put it on the list so that I could keep learning about it. I would love to delve into some more scientific research since I have read a lot of books with a more narrative nature. I am especially interested in learning about specific nutrients found in each food. I am always working towards eating "clean" so being able to identify specific nutrients in each food that I eat would be helpful.

Finally, in other news...

Big changes are coming to Holy Noley starting February 1st! You may have already noticed the fab new layout thanks to Don't Tell Anyone Design! In addition to the new look,  I will be posting on a more regular schedule and trying to focus more on two things that I am extremely passionate about: DIY and holistic health.

I hope you stick around and join me as I grow and get a handle on this blog thing!

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