Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Blog

Hello blog land! Happy New Year!

So it seems I put myself on hiatus after my last post. Maybe I started this blog too soon, without thinking first about what I truly wanted to make it into. And I know I don't have to settle for being in one particular category of blog forever, but I definitely started this without setting any sort of intention for it. 

I'll make a confession right now and say that one of my biggest weaknesses in life is getting caught up in the details. Anytime I get a BIG idea and become inspired by something, it is not long before I become overwhelmed and disheartened because I am hung up on some kind of detail. 

For example, I've been wanting to open an online shop to sell the things that I make in my craft frenzies for years. But I got it in my head that I wanted to have my own website because I didn't want to have to pay the (minimal) fees that Etsy charges. This wouldnt be a big deal, except that I don't know anything about website design or anything like that so I would quickly become discouraged and abandon the idea. In this scenario "online craft shop" is interchangeable with most of my passionate aspirations. Can you see why I never get anything accomplished? 

So for 2015, I will be setting a few intentions and goals...much more manageable than resolutions in my opinion. A big one will be to just let go. Let go of the minor details and just work towards the bigger picture and try not to get caught up in some small detail. I want to actively pursue some dreams of mine and the only way to do it will be to let go. 

As for this blog, well I am going to just keep working on it! I may not yet have a clear focus but as far as I know, there isn't a blog by-law that says that all blogs must start out clear and focused. I have all the time I need to figure out where I want to take this and tons and tons of inspiration from all the blogs  that I read. 

So what are some of your intentions for the new year? 

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