Sunday, August 14, 2016

Catching Up: A Summer Recap

End Of Summer, New Releases, Crystal Jewelry, Long Island Summer, Healing Crystals

Summer seems to be flying by and I'm really not OK with it.

Does any one else have that feeling? I feel like before we know it, we'll be back fighting off the cold and snow and wishing it was warm again. I'm not ready for that! 

This summer has been pretty laid back and it has given me a chance to really fine tune my vision for Holy Noley and work on where I wanted to go with it while I've been a bit slow. It has also been a time of immense change and upheaval in my personal life so I've been glad that I had time to focus on that. 

June : Move, Change, Shift

Most of June was spent preparing myself mentally and physically for my family to move. My mom and brother decided to make a huge life change and move across the country so I had to move most of my belongings into storage. Though this was extremely stressful for me, it also felt cleansing. I had a big room at home, therefore I had a lot of STUFF. Lots of things that didn't serve a purpose in my life anymore. Having to pack gave me a chance to clear out some of the clutter. It is seriously refreshing to let go of things! 

July : Craft Fair and a Big Change

July seemed to be over in a blink. Holy Noley was a vendor at a craft fair and it was the first time I had to do a single table set up. It was a learning experience for sure! I honestly love selling in person. It is so much fun connecting with people, both buyers and other vendors. 

I also decided in July to take a huge step and open up my own ecommerce site independent of Etsy. I love Etsy but decided it was time to diversify. This was huge for me and working on building a website had a bit of a learning curve but overall I think it came out nicely. I like the freedoms that it offers over Etsy, but plan to continue to sell on both platforms for now. 

August : New Releases

I opened the new shop on August 1st, amid the shock of my grandmother's sudden passing. With this shop site opening, I added a bunch of new pieces, mainly stacking bracelet sets. Some of my favorites pieces include the Amethyst and Bronze Heart Set, Lepidolite Bracelet, and Amazonite Moon Mala. I'm looking forward to continuing to grow this site and continue on the path of the style of jewelry I am currently making.

Mala Necklace, Yoga Jewelry, Tassel Necklace, Amazonite Gemstone Jewelry

Amethyst Jewelry, Bronze Heart Bracelet, Gemstone Jewelry, Healing Crystals

Tassel Bracelet, Om Jewelry, Amethyst Bracelet, Stacking Bracelet Set, Jewelry Sets, Yoga Jewelry

Lepidolite Jewelry, Purple Healing Crystals, Gemstone Jewelry

Looking Ahead to the Fall

Now that the summer is winding down, I'm looking forward to a lot for the end of the year. I have some big plans for Holy Noley (what else is new ;] ) and can't wait to crack down and really get into the nitty-gritty of it. 

Hope you all had a fabulous summer! See you next month for the next update! 

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