Sunday, May 3, 2015

Confidence in my Competence

Hi there friends. 

Today I want to talk a little bit about confidence. It all started the other morning on my drive in to work. I was listening to the radio and the caller was asking the show's guest about how to appear more attractive to the opposite sex. The guest replied that the caller should be more confident, to which the caller responded with something along the lines of "well, I try to be but I don't know..."

This little tidbit of my morning commute had me thinking all day. It was like a sign from the universe really. You see, since I made Holy Noley official I have been working really hard to build it and make it successful (or at least set it on a path to bring me there). However, whenever anyone asks me about it I usually get a little embarrassed or shy and feel that familiar feeling of inadequacy. Like that this thing that I have spent and continue to spend so many hours working on and thinking about is just a dumb side project, when in reality it is an actual legal business. I am a small business owner. I should be proud of that! 

Not that I am not proud, because of course I am. I always think about how cool it is that I put in all the footwork and I did all the research and how I am really building something from the ground up. But I think I need to really own it when it comes to talking about it with other people. So the shop hasn't made one hundred sales in the month that I have been "open", so what? I built it, it is mine. The only way to get other people to be confident in my brand is to be confident with myself. I have done it, I can do it and I will do it in the future. 

So now I have to ask, how do you practice confidence in your life or brand? 

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